Cyber Security

Client Location


Client Description

Client was a leading software consulting company in India. They wanted us to demonstrate how Blockchain can bring change in the cyber security area.

Blockchain Service Offered

Use Case Discovery and Prototyping


Ethereum, Node.js, SmartContract

Target Industries

Cyber Security

Value Add

  • Peer-to-Peer sharing
  • DDoS attacks prevention
  • Driving Innovation

Solution Highlights

  • Attacks like Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) pose a growing threat to computer networks and internet services.
  • Existing strategies for mitigating DDoS attacks are inefficient because of lacking resources and inflexibility.
  • Ethereum blockchain enable new ways to fight DDoS attacks: Using smart contracts, IP addresses of attackers can be singalized without additional infrastructure.
  • Using multiple smart contracts for signalisation of DDoS attacks and compares them.
  • The solution advice about the performance and costs and evaluates the overall feasibility and effectivity for fighting DDoS attacks.
  • Thesolutin support a larger number of addresses with a bloom filter.
  • Customer Certified IPv4() to allow more hierarchies to map subnets accordingly.


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