Cotton Bale Track & Traceability

Client Location

India, Dubai

Client Description

Client is an Indian startup that wanted us to develop their Track & Traceability and anti-counterfeiting platform that can be customized for any industry vertical.

Blockchain Service Offered

Build end-to-end solution


HyperLedger, Apache libraries & frameworks, TensorFlow, TFX, Google Cloud, AWS Cloud, Angular, Ionic, Node.js, SmartContract, IoT, RFID

Target Industries

Cotton, Supply Chain

Value Add

  • Brand Protection
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Driving Innovation
  • IoT based control
  • Frugal

Solution Highlights

  • Building trust along with the chain4real blockchain
  • Growing consumer awareness as well as manufacturer’s internal quality monitoring.
  • Decentralized blockchain based transaction to ensure 0% counterfeiting.
  • Traceability allows tracking products through all stages of a supply chain.
  • The most secure transaction to ensure traceability and product insight.
  • Chain4real architecture provides transparent tamper-proof traceability information.
  • AI driven regulatory compliance checking, which enables system adaptability.
  • IoT based remote monitoring and control throughout the lifecycle of product.
  • Track each cotton bale from the farm to the manufacturing unit with real time updates.


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